1. Charles Pic Tech 1 45mins 45.997secs 28 laps
2. James Walker P1 +4.273secs
3. Oliver Turvey Carlin +4.559secs
4. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec +5.383secs
5. Bertrand Baguette Draco +21.601secs
6. Marcos Martinez Pons +23.338secs
7. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec +23.707secs
8. Daniil Move P1 +32.558secs
9. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin +35.524secs
10. Marco Barba Draco +38.651secs
11. Adrian Zaugg Interwetten +44.107secs
12. Guillaume Moreau KMP/SG Formula +44.595secs
13. Brendon Hartley Tech 1 +44.770secs
14. Adrian Valles Epsilon Euskadi +45.272secs
15. Jon Lancaster Comtec +52.826secs
16. Omar Julian Leal Prema +56.950secs
17. Filip Salaquarda Prema +1min 04.383secs
18. Michael Herck Interwetten +1min 05.991secs
19. Chris Van der Drift Epsilon Euskadi +1min 06.339secs
20. John Martin Comtec +1 lap
21. Federico Leo Pons +1 lap
22. Greg Mansell USR +2 laps

Not classified:

DNF. Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula 16 laps completed
DNF. Pasquale di Sabatino RC 13 laps completed A
DNF. Miguel Molina USR 12 laps completed

Fastest lap:

Charles Pic Tech 1 1mins 36.018secs Lap 3



1. Marcos Martinez Pons 45mins 49.264secs 28 laps
2. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec +1.227secs
3. Oliver Turvey Carlin +3.218secs
4. James Walker P1 +5.105secs
5. Brendon Hartley Tech 1 +6.111secs
6. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin +6.717secs
7. Charles Pic Tech 1 +11.978secs
8. Bertrand Baguette Draco +15.501secs
9. Miguel Molina USR +15.893secs
10. Marco Barba Draco +18.178secs
11. Greg Mansell USR +19.105secs
12. Adrian Valles Epsilon Euskadi +19.480secs
13. Adrian Zaugg Interwetten +21.785secs
14. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec +22.207secs
15. Federico Leo Pons +39.219secs
16. Guillaume Moreau KMP/SG Formula +39.913secs
17. Omar Julian Leal Prema +51.516secs
18. Daniil Move P1 +51.800secs
19. Filip Salaquarda Prema +1min 10.775secs
20. Michael Herck Interwetten +1min 11.853secs
21. John Martin Comtec +1 lap
22. Jon Lancaster Comtec +1 lap

Not classified:

DNF. Pasquale di Sabatino RC 5 laps completed A
DNF. Chris Van der DriftEpsilon Euskadi 4 laps completed B
DNF. Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula 0 laps completed A

Fastest lap:

Jon Lancaster Comtec 1min 35.585secs Lap 5

Fairuz Fauzy Targets Victory At Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit

Malaysian F1 Aspirant raring to go all out to secure podium win

Malaysian F1 Aspirant raring to go all out to secure podium win

Fresh from his fantastic win recently at Hungary’s Hungaroring Circuit in the World Series Formula Renault 3.5, Malaysian Fairuz Fauzy from the MOFAZFortec Motorsport team is raring to progress further in the series by showing his mettle this weekend on the 4th and 5th of July, 2009 at the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit, in his quest to achieve ultimate motorsport excellence.

The World Series Formula Renault 3.5 is, according to many, the penultimate step prior to Formula 1, and is indeed configured to challenge the drivers not only physically, but mentally as well. All teams are provided with cars that have exactly the same specifications and output, and it is entirely up to the driver and his engineering team to fine tune and ‘interact with’ the car to coax out its maximal potential.

With his team of dedicated engineers, technicians and support crew, Fairuz will do his very best to again make Malaysia proud, and so that ‘Negaraku’ will once again be played on the loudspeakers for all the motorsports fans out there to witness as part of the ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ quest.

His teammate and fellow racer Sten Pentus is also poised to perform his very best in chasing a 1 – 2 finish together for the team. Sten Pentus, who is supported in his quest by the government of his home country, Estonia, is proof of the confidence in the capabilities and expertise synonymous with the MOFAZFortec Motorsport brand, and is constantly, alongside Fairuz Fauzy, giving the other racers within the series a run for their money.

The MOFAZFortec Motorsport team will be on ground at the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit beginning on the 2nd of July to prepare the car, as well as, allow Fairuz and his teammate, Sten Pentus, to provide input into putting in final tweaks to the car for better performance. All eyes are on Fairuz as he is the sole Asian, let alone Malaysian, to be pitted against a gathering of his peers, the cream of the crop of the European Motorsport circle.

Despite the challenges, and despite the recognition that he hardly gets for his unwavering efforts to bring glory for the country in global motorsports, Fairuz bravely soldiers on, destined to tread the path of attaining success, not only in the field he has committed himself into, but also as a loyal son, husband, father and icon, for Malaysia and beyond.

Malaysians should not miss supporting our very own by tuning in through the Eurosport Channel (Astro Channel 814) when the MOFAZFortec Motorsport team once again tears down the Silverstone circuit live at 8.30pm (Malaysian time) on Saturday, 4th of July 2009, while recorded races will be aired by Eurosport at 7.00 am / 10.00 am on Sunday 5th July 2009 for the first race, while the second race will be aired at 5.00am / 12.00pm on Monday 6th of July 2009.