lr_03109806_135_FAUZY1. Charles Pic Tech 1 45mins 59.547secs 25 laps
2. Brendon Hartley Tech 1 +0.695secs
3. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec +13.947secs
4. James Walker P1 +14.830secs
5. Bertrand Baguette Draco +22.491secs
6. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin +26.508secs
7. Marco Barba Draco +36.660secs
8. John Martin Comtec +42.947secs
9. Daniil Move P1 +43.299secs
10. Chris Van der Drift Epsilon Euskadi +45.810secs

11. Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula +48.475secs
12. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec +48.635secs
13. Kaisuke Kunimoto Epsilon Euskadi +49.558secs
14. Omar Julian Leal Prema +53.261secs
15. Mihai Marinescu Interwetten +54.634secs
16. Salvador Duran Interwetten +59.141secs
17. Federico Leo Pons +1min 15.567secs

Not classified:

18. Jon Lancaster Comtec 18 laps completed
19. Oliver Turvey Carlin 16 laps completed
20. Pasquale di Sabatino RC 16 laps completed
21. Marcos Martinez Pons 15 lap completed
22. Filip Salaquarda Prema 9 lap completed
23. Guillaume Moreau KMP/SG Formula 6 laps completed



Nurburgring, Germany1. Bertrand Baguette Draco 45misn 01.920secs
2. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec +3.999secs
3. Daniil Move P1 +6.698secs
4. Oliver Turvey Carlin +7.164secs
5. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin +8.165secs
6. Charles Pic Tech 1 +8.776secs
7. John Martin Comtec +11.633secs
8. Marco Barba Draco +12.376secs
9. Jon Lancaster Comtec +12.484secs *
10. Pasquale di Sabatino RC +13.069secs

11. Guillaume Moreau KMP/SG Formula +16.045secs
12. Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula +18.286secs
13. Brendon Hartley Tech 1 +18.495secs
14. Chris Van der Drift Epsilon Euskadi +28.750secs
15. Mihai Marinescu Interwetten +32.991secs
16. Kaisuke Kunimoto Epsilon Euskadi +34.126secs
17. Omar Julian Leal Prema +38.753secs
18. Federico Leo Pons +39.323secs

Podium finishes, NurburgringNot classified:

19. James Walker P1 15 laps completed
20. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec 8 laps completed
21. Marcos Martinez Pons 1 lap completed
22. Filip Salaquarda Prema 1 lap completed
23. Salvador Duran Interwetten Did Not Start

* denotes ten second penalty for ‘dangerous driving’.


Dynamic partnership set to conquer tracks of Europe!

Dynamic partnership set to conquer tracks of Europe!

SEPANG, 3 SEPTEMBER 2009 – AirAsia and Team MOFAZFortec Motorsport sealed a partnership agreement today, with the prolific venture set to burn the tracks of Europe. The world’s best low cost carrier will be supporting the racing team’s quest to dominate the World Series by Renault Formula 3.5 Championship.

Team MOFAZFortec Motorsport is a Malaysian racing team and an emerging force in the European racing arena. The team’s driver, Fairuz Fauzy, achieved a maiden podium victory at Hungary’s Hungaroring circuit in June this year and second place at UK’s Silverstone circuit in July.

The Team’s other driver is Estonian’ Sten Pentus, who scored his first podium finish at the Circuit De Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

The team has won the hearts of motorsport fans with their determination off the track, and surprising competitors with their prowess on the track.

AirAsia Group CEO Dato’ Sri Tony Fernandes said, “We are proud to be in this dynamic partnership and we wish all the best to Team MOFAZFortec Motorsport in their racing endeavours. We would like to congratulate the drivers for their fine achievements, especially to Fairuz Fauzy for his excellent PODIUM win in Hungary. Motorsport involves a lot of determination, courage, technological precision, competence and outstanding teamwork to ensure success. The qualities needed are the same ones that have made AirAsia the World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier in just 7 short years.”

AirAsia was chosen the “World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier” by a majority of more than 16 million airline passengers in a survey conducted by the London-based and leading aviation consultancy SkyTrax.

Fernandes also emphasised that AirAsia’s sponsorship and support for MOFAZFortec Motorsport was another demonstration of AirAsia’s commitment to boosting Malaysian sports and burnishing “Brand Malaysia” across the globe. “We care deeply about the state of Malaysian sports, and sponsoring MOFAZFortec provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate our support for Malaysians and Malaysian teams that excel globally, competing against the best,” he said.

Team MOFAZFortec Motorsport is currently placed fifth in the World Series by Renault Formula 3.5 2009, despite it being its first year in such a global championship. The team managed to defy all odds to constantly produce amazing results at each and every race.

This collaboration will help AirAsia promote Malaysia and ASEAN to the European market and beyond. It seeks to attract travellers from Europe to experience the wonders of Malaysia and an array of exotic ASEAN destinations, all within reach thanks to AirAsia’s low fares, unparalled connectivity of routes and frequency of flights.

“Our relationship and association with AirAsia is truly timely, what with the stakes being raised higher for all teams in the World Series by Renault with only 2 race meetings left in the season”, said Haji Fauzy, the Team Principal of MOFAZFortec Motorsport. “Both organisations have shown that through hard work and diligence, any obstacles could be overcome, and thus, the beginning of this strong and driven alliance between the two globally-forward enterprises will help fortify brand MALAYSIA across the globe, and also provide the opportunities for our fans throughout the world to know how united we are under the banner of One Malaysia”.

The World Series by Renault Formula 3.5 has marked itself as one of the primary routes to Formula 1, with Robert Kubica, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Jamie Alguersuari amongst its recent graduates. The new Formula Renault 3.5 machines incorporate the latest aerodynamic technology which appears on Formula 1 cars in recent years, and is equipped with a 3.5 litre V6 engine peaking at 500 bhp utilising ‘flexfuel’ technology. Renault has put into implementation the technological advancement that it has garnered over the years through its involvement in Formula 1 to allow competitors in the World Series Formula Renault 3.5 to be prepared for the highest level of motorsports, whereby several similarities are put in place in the cars to help drivers familiarise themselves with the rigors and challenges demanded out of a Formula 1 driver.


lr_03909807_041_PENTUS1. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin 22 laps 37m 57.020s
2. Charles Pic Tech 1 +01.448
3. Guillaume Moreau KMP/SG Formula +01.848
4. Miguel Molina USR +03.212
5. Bertrand Baguette Draco +04.392
6. Oliver Turvey Carlin +05.120
7. Chris van der Drift Epsilon Euskadi +05.696
8. James Walker P1 +06.332

9. Dani Clos Epsilon Euskadi +06.816
10. Danill Move P1 +07.708
11. Marco Barba Draco +08.092
12. Filip Salaquarda Prema +08.440
13. Greg Mansell USR +08.920
14. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec +09.200
15. Daniel Ricciardo Tech 1 +09.836
16. Alberto Valerio Comtec +10.240
17. Omar Julian Leal Prema +10.740
18. Pasquale di Sabatino RC +11.024
19. Federico Leo Pons +11.964
20. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec +1 lap

Rtd Jon Lancaster Comtec 15 laps completed
Rtd Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula 15 laps completed
Rtd Marcos Martinez Pons 4 laps completed
Rtd Mihai Marinescu Interwetten 1 laps completed

Fastest lap:

Jaime Alguersuari Carlin 1m 34.472s lap 8


lr_03909807_051_FAUZY1. Jon Lancaster Comtec 36min 45.926secs
2. Bertrand Baguette Draco +0.568secs
3. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin +1.110secs
4. Charles Pic Tech 1 +1.444secs
5. Guillaume Moreau KMP/SG Formula +2.142secs
6. James Walker P1 +4.606secs
7. Miguel Molina USR +5.240secs
8. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec +6.686secs
9. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec +7.710secs
10. Filip Salaquarda Prema +10.832secs
11. Greg Mansell USR +10.990secs
12. Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula +12.622secs
13. Federico Leo Pons +13.464secs
14. Pasquale di Sabatino RC +13.850secs
15. Marcos Martinez Pons +16.010secs
16. Marco Barba Draco +19.530secs
17. Alberto Valerio Comtec +41.638secs
18. Omar Julian Leal Prema +1 lap
19. Michael Herck Interwetten +3 laps

Not classified:

20. Daniil Move P1 17 laps completed
21. Oliver Turvey Carlin 15 laps completed
22. Dani Clos Epsilon Euskadi 14 laps completed
23. Daniel Ricciardo Tech 1 1 lap completed
24. Chris Van der Drift Epsilon Euskadi 1 lap completed

Fastest lap:

Charles Pic Tech 1 1min 34.834secs


As predicted, lap-times during free practice at Portimao saw a marked improvement. MOFAZFortec Motorsport’s Fairuz Fauzy set the best time ahead of Comtec Racing’s Jon Lancaster and Carlin Motorsport’s Oliver Turvey. With fifteen cars within a second of each other, qualifying looks set to be wide open.

The weather was hot at Portimao and it looks like it will remain the same throughout the weekend. Prior to the qualifying session programmed for the end of the day, the Formula Renault 3.5 Series drivers took part in a one-hour free practice session. There were no preliminaries this Friday morning, as from the word go International Draco Racing’s Bertrand Baguette positioned himself at the top of the time-sheet with a lap time close to that set by P1 Motorsport’s James Walker the previous day.

But it was Epsilon Euskadi’s Dani Clos who was the first to beat Walker’s time. With a lap of 1’34”171, the Spaniard took the lead over the rest of the pack. P1 Motorsport’s Daniil Move did almost as well, taking second place just two hundredths behind the leader. But Baguette was on form this morning and, with a time of 1’34”089, regained his lead.
The mid-session saw a second wave of improvements. Clos was the first of the drivers to lap in less than 1’34. Credited with a time of 1’33″736 he led, for the time being at least, Oliver Turvey, Fairuz Fauzy, Bertrand Baguette and Daniil Move. Then it was the turn of International Draco Racing’s Marco Barba to shine, leading the charge with a time of 1’33’337. Fairuz however raised the stakes by climbing to second-place ahead of Clos, Sten Pentus and Comtec Racing’s Alberto Valerio.
In the closing minutes, new tyres went on allowing KMP Group/SG Formula’s Guillaume Moreau to set the second fastest lap. In time, he was relegated to fourth place when RC Motosport’s Pasqual DiSabatino set another fastest lap in 1’33”003 while Prema Powerteam’s Filipe Salaquarda squeezed into third.

Lapping in 1’32”662, Oliver Turvey took his turn to lead the dance, but only briefly as Jon Lancaster bettered his time in 1’32″635. Nevertheless, Fairuz went on a final run of flying laps, recording times of 1’32”600, then 1’32”166, and ultimately had the final say. At the end of the morning, he led the field ahead of Lancaster, Turvey, Walker and Baguette.

Fairuz Fauzy was quoted as saying: “The session went really well. We’ve held the top of the timesheets for a few races now. This championship is very close and with a good weekend we could catch up the three leaders. For my money, this and Spa-Francorchamps are the two finest circuits in Europe. There are rises, descents, blind bends, it’s terrific! We’ve got two races to drive on Saturday in intense heat. It’ll be a good test of our physical endurance.”

Fairuz Fauzy Challenged At Le Mans Circuit

lr_03109805_095_FAUZYAfter securing podium finishes at Hungaroring and Silverstone over the past month, Fairuz Fauzy gave an all-out performance at Le Mans during the practice sessions of the World Series by Renault Formula 3.5 on Friday, as well as, acclimatizing himself to track and weather conditions. Currently in 6th position overall within the drivers’ standings, the Malaysian driver for Team MOFAZFortec Motorsport posted the 3rd fastest time for the morning practice session in dry conditions with a time of 1 minute 27.808 seconds, merely 0.188 seconds behind the session leader from Comtec Racing, Jon Lancaster.

Following heavy rain which disrupted the afternoon session and leaving many drivers not posting good race times, Fairuz posted the 2nd fastest lap a fraction behind Oliver Turvey. Though hampered by wet track conditions, Fairuz was able to gain some useful race distance data, as well as, ascertain challenges posed by conditions of the track.

On Saturday morning, during Qualifying Session 1 and SuperPole, Fairuz Fauzy started very strong to register pole for almost throughout the Q1 session. However, due to misjudgement on the team’s strategy, Fairuz dropped seven positions down in the last lap of Q1. As a result of the disastrous morning, Fairuz was out of the first 6 position to qualify to be in SuperPole, which led him to start 15th on the grid for Race 1. Sten Pentus achieved a remarkable result to finish second in Q1 to make it through to SuperPole, which consisted of only the top 12 drivers, eventually registering 9th on the grid for Race 1.

For the record, all teams must conform to the same technical and performance specifications for their cars, to allow for a level and fair playing field for all drivers. Thus, the drivers are pitted against each other based on their skills, which drives and motivates them to put their skills to the test on the track.

After experiencing unforgiving track and weather conditions for 30 laps, Fairuz clawed and outwitted other opponents with a best lap time of 1 min 28.008, at 171 km/h. After 2 laps, he was pushed down to position 17, and extraordinarily made his way up to beat 10 other drivers to finish at 7th position overall. It is indeed no mean feat, in a race that saw Fairuz beating James Walker, currently 2nd in drivers’ standings.

The race officials also decided to award Fairuz with 1 bonus point for being the most outstanding driver for the race, as well as, greatest number of overtaking in a race, after several drivers ahead of Fairuz succumbed to his determination, focus and psychological advantage. Fairuz would have fared better if he had not had to contend with the three-man dogfight in front of him that involved Charles Pic, Jon Lancaster and Edoardo Mortara. In the end, Fairuz proved to be too tough for Lancaster and Mortara, who both had to concede to him, with Mortara eventually unable to complete the race. At this point, Fairuz further secures 6th position in the drivers’ standings, with a total of 5 points acquired during Race 1.

Sten Pentus on the other hand was dealt a severe blow, after relentlessly being blocked by drivers ahead of him throughout the whole race. Though he gave his best on the track, luck was not on his side, only managing to secure 14th position overall after Race 1.

Sunday afternoon saw Fairuz starting at position 9 on the grid for Race 2 at the renowned Bugatti circuit at Le Mans, while Sten begun the race from 15th position. The harrowing 31 laps saw Fairuz having to concede to position 14 after lap 7, but strongly soldiered forward to 6th position by lap 18. The mandatory pitstop enforced on all teams did not hamper Fairuz’s spirits, and he managed to maintain this position for the next 10 laps. Fairuz overtook James Walker at lap 28, before finding himself in fierce competition with Jon Lancaster, who started at pole position for Race 2. Fairuz took the British driver by surprise by powering his car to overtake Lancaster at lap 30, triumphantly emerging 4th overall, narrowly missing a podium finish by a couple of seconds.

Sten Pentus on the other hand had to concur with the intense competition surrounding him throughout the race, and emerged 2 notches further during Race 2 to finish at 13th position overall as a result. Team MOFAZFortec Motorsport also managed to close the gap between itself and Pons Racing in the team standings by gaining 12 race points throughout the weekend, which secures the young team at 5th position overall in the team championship and only 1 point apart from its nearest competitor. On top of that, Fairuz has moved up a notch on the drivers’ standings as a result of his determination, to secure 5th position overall within the championship to date. With three more major races left in the championship, Fairuz and Sten are looking forward to take more opportunities to better their times and performance in their quest to triumph in World Series by Renault Formula 3.5.

Eurosport aired recorded sessions of the Le Mans race over the weekend on Astro Channel 814, with race 1 being aired on Saturday evening at 11.30 pm, with a repeat on Sunday at 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Race 2 was aired on Sunday at 11.45 pm. Team MOFAZFortec Motorsport is now more than determined to close the gap in team standings, and looking forward to the next leg of the World Series by Renault Formula 3.5, which would take place at Portimao, on the southern coast of Portugal on 1st – 2nd of August 2009.

Visit and to get more details of our racing calendar, as well as, Eurosport’s World Series by Renault airing times for the coming races.