1. Marcos Martinez Pons 45mins 49.264secs 28 laps
2. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec +1.227secs
3. Oliver Turvey Carlin +3.218secs
4. James Walker P1 +5.105secs
5. Brendon Hartley Tech 1 +6.111secs
6. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin +6.717secs
7. Charles Pic Tech 1 +11.978secs
8. Bertrand Baguette Draco +15.501secs
9. Miguel Molina USR +15.893secs
10. Marco Barba Draco +18.178secs
11. Greg Mansell USR +19.105secs
12. Adrian Valles Epsilon Euskadi +19.480secs
13. Adrian Zaugg Interwetten +21.785secs
14. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec +22.207secs
15. Federico Leo Pons +39.219secs
16. Guillaume Moreau KMP/SG Formula +39.913secs
17. Omar Julian Leal Prema +51.516secs
18. Daniil Move P1 +51.800secs
19. Filip Salaquarda Prema +1min 10.775secs
20. Michael Herck Interwetten +1min 11.853secs
21. John Martin Comtec +1 lap
22. Jon Lancaster Comtec +1 lap

Not classified:

DNF. Pasquale di Sabatino RC 5 laps completed A
DNF. Chris Van der DriftEpsilon Euskadi 4 laps completed B
DNF. Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula 0 laps completed A

Fastest lap:

Jon Lancaster Comtec 1min 35.585secs Lap 5



1. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec 46min 28.278secs
2. Marco Barba Draco +1.969secs
3. Bertrand Baguette Draco +3.382secs
4. James Walker P1 +3.892secs
5. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin +5.728secs
6. Marcos Martinez Pons +8.116secs
7. Miguel Molina USR +10.085secs
8. Oliver Turvey Carlin +10.582secs
9. Jon Lancaster Comtec +11.138secs
10. Adrian Zaugg Interwetten +16.830secs

11. Charles Pic Tech 1 +17.151secs
12. Danill Move P1 +19.265secs
13. Chris Van der Drift Epsilon Euskadi +19.676secs
14. Pasquale di Sabatino RC +20.246secs
15. Greg Mansell USR +20.791secs
16. Adrian Valles Epsilon Euskadi +21.472secs
17. Brendon Hartley Tech 1 +21.651secs
18. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec +27.428secs
19. Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula +28.595secs
20. John Martin Comtec +29.600secs
21. Edoardo Mortara KMP/SG Formula +30.968secs
22. Omar Julian Leal Prema +35.999secs

DNF. Federico Leo Pons 23 laps completed
DNF. Filip Salaquarda Prema 14 laps completed
DNF. Mihai Marinescu RC 7 laps completed
DNF. Michael Herck Interwetten 0 laps completed



1.  Oliver Turvey, Carlin 
2.  James Walker, P1
3.  Adrian Zaugg, Interwetten
4.  Marcos Martinez, Pons
5.  Miguel Molina, Ultimate 
6.  Pasquale di Sabatino, RC
7.  Bertrand Baguette, Draco
8.  Adrian Valles, Epsilon
9.  Chris van der Drift, Epsilon
10.  Jaime Alguersuari, Carlin
11.  Fairuz Fauzy, Fortec
12.  Charles Pic, Tech
13.  Stefano Coletti, Prema 
14.  Marco Barba , Draco
15.  Brendon Hartley, Tech 1
16.  Sten Pentus, Fortec
17.  Mihai Marinescu, Interwetten
18.  Greg Mansell, Ultimate
19.  Filip Salaquarda, RC 
20.  John Martin, Comtec
21.  Max Chilton, Comtec
22.  Julian Leal, Prema
23.  Daniil Move, P1
24.  Anton Nebylitskiy, SG 
25.  Federico Leo, Pons 
26.  Jules Bianchi, SG


FRANCORCHAMPS, Circuit Spa-Francorchamps, 02-03 May 2009


Both drivers had run well in the practise but endured a difficult Saturday qualifying session. This was the first time in the season that both drivers were put into the same qualifying group (Group B). Car #19 of Fairuz Fauzy set the sixteenth fastest time while #20 of Sten Pentus was forced to start nineteen on the grid after his fastest time was deleted by the officials for causing the red flag.

Fauzy had set the pace in the early session with a string of quick laps. As he pitted in for a new set of tyres and looking to strengthen his position, the session was temporarily halted due to red flag. The session resumed with less than 3 minutes to go, Fauzy clocked quick Sector 1 & 2 before made a small error at the last chicane which had ruined his chances of a possible front row start.

On the other hand, Pentus first lap was already quick and his second lap saw him jump to sixth on the timing screens, before a little mistake early in the lap saw him spun and touched the barrier lightly. This incident had caused the session to be stopped for few minutes. With slight damaged, no more time and the lost of his best lap, it meant any chance of a good grid position was gone.

As a result, both drivers will start from the second half of the grid with the intention to gain as much positions as possible for Race 1. Local hero, Bertrand Baguette (BEL – Draco International) has secured pole position for the first time this season after leading the way in the Super Pole qualifying.


Fauzy had a relatively busy afternoon. An early chaos after Turn 1 saw him exchanging positions at the beginning of the race with team-mate Pentus, Mansell, Leo and Provenzano. While fighting for positions, Fauzy clipped one of the cars in front of him and damaged the front wing. But he decided not to pit-in as the move would put him down the field. Although it was still safe to run, the damage front wing was affecting the aero efficiency of his car where his straight line speed had to be compromised. As a result, Fairuz dropped back few positions before making his way up the grid to finish fifteen.

Meanwhile, from his low grid position Pentus made a good start and shadowed team-mate Fauzy for the first two laps with both shadowing Greg Mansell (GBR – Ultimate Motorsport) before passing Fauzy down the outside into the last chicane and tailing Mansell’s rear end. Unfortunately, Mansell braked a little early and Pentus tapped his front wing on the back of Mansell’s car, hence, damaging the wing. He had to do a complete, slow lap with the damage wing before pitting for a new wing.

When he rejoined, he quickly settled into a fast rhythm and as in Barcelona, again started doing a string of fast, consistent laps that mirrored and often matched the leaders lap times all the way to the end of the race. Pentus’s fastest lap was within half a second of the race leader despite running completely by himself without the aid of any tow down the long straights. His fast times and relentless pace meant he recovered from last to 18th at the end. Marcos Martinez (ESP – Pons) took the honour in Race 1 ahead of Bertrand Baguette, second and Miguel Molina, third.


Pentus and Fauzy finished eleventh and fifteen respectively in Race 2 on Sunday after seeing their chances of finishing in the Top 10 dashed by a couple of unfortunate events.

After an interrupted Race 1 with broken wings yesterday, both drivers were again had to start from the second half of the grid, as Race 2 grid positions are determined by Race 1 results. On a dry track the field got away cleanly and unusually survived the first corner, but on the exit of the Radillon, the two Epsilon cars of Adrian Valles (ESP – Epsilon Euskadi) and Chris Van Der Drift (NZL – Epsilon Euskadi) collided and ended up stuck in the gravel, which immediately bought out the safety car.

In the first lap Pentus had lost a couple of positions, but when racing resumed, he went on the attack and soon displaced the Comtec car of Nebilitsky. Again as in Barcelona and in Race 1, Pentus began to motor very quickly and as he was putting in very good fast laps, the team decided to delay his pit stop as most of the cars around him pitted early. This allowed Sten to take advantage of a clear track and he soon made up for the time lost on the first lap and the time lost behind the Safety Car, when some cars ahead had not kept up with the front of the pack.

Fauzy, on the other end, made up a lot of positions with his strong race pace. He set commanding lap times to push his way up. He took the advantage on the Safety Car event to close the gap with the front runners and drove flawlessly to lead the race at one stage before pitting for his compulsory pit-stop.

An unprecedented problem with his front right wheel nut had cost him the pit stop which ruined the chances of finishing in the Top 10. The advantage he gained prior to the pit-stop was soon diminished from his grasp. It could have been a great result for the team if not for the faulty wheel nut.

Pentus kept his race alive with some entertaining battles with Nebilkitsky and Hegewald after his pit stop. He caught team-mate Fauzy on the last lap and trailed him across the line. At the end, Pentus finished thirteen behind Fauzy twelfth. Again the impressively fast and consistent lap times told the story, despite starting so far back, both drivers maintained a 100% record of race finished.

James Walker (GBR – P1 Motorsport) took the chequered flag in Race 2 ahead of Bertrand Baguette, second and Miguel Molina, third.

However, Fauzy was later penalised 20 seconds for stopping outside the pit-stop window and so as Oliver Turvey (GBR – Carlin Motorsport) 25 seconds for deviating from racing line. This had promoted Pentus to eleventh and demoted Fauzy to fifteen in the amended Race 2 result.

Pentus commented: “Before the weekend I did not know what to expect, because I had heard so much about this track and how challenging it is. The stories are very true but I really loved getting to know it and I had a lot of tough but enjoyable racing. I am happy with the progress we made this weekend and how much I learned”.

Fauzy said: “The car felt good so it was a shame that we could not finish in the points. I led the race before pitting and was hoping to make up few places. Had it not been for the unfortunately pit stop, I am sure we would have been there about for seventh or eighth.”

However, Pentus managed to earn one point for making up most positions in the race, from twentieth to eleventh.

Mofaz Fortec will be back in action for the third round of the WSR at Monaco in a fortnight’s time (May 22-24). Between now and Monaco both drivers will be busy with fitness training and mental preparation as well as exploring every possible way to get to know the unique Monaco circuit.



FRANCORCHAMPS, Circuit Spa-Francorchamps, 01 May 2009 – The 2009 World Series by Renault continues this weekend at one of the most challenging race tracks in the world, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium. The circuit is renowned for its hilly and twisty nature combined with high-speed corners such as the adrenalin-rush: ‘Eau Rouge’ and ‘Blanchimont’.

After a great display in Barcelona a fortnight ago, MOFAZ FORTEC MOTORSPORT is aiming high at Spa. Sten (PENTUS) drove superbly in the tricky weather conditions to secure his first podium in the series. He now turns his attention to the upcoming Round Two of the WSR.

Pentus commented: “The race at Barcelona was excellent. The car, teamwork and strategy were absolutely astonishing. Of course, with a bit of luck too! I hope to carry the same momentum going into Spa and to score more points. Let’s hope for a nice weather this weekend”.

In today’s practise sessions, the Estonian clocked 2:07.314 to finish a creditable 13th. He was one of the quickest rookie drivers on the circuit.

On the other hand, Fairuz (FAUZY) was seventh quickest with 2:06.676, while local hero, Betrand Baguette (Draco) topped the time sheet with a lap of 2:05.185.

“I always enjoy racing here since my F3 days. It is one of my all-time favourite circuits!” said Fauzy who had secured his first pole position here in the 2007 series.

“I am keeping my expectation very realistic and will be taking it step-by-step, focusing on each session as we progress through the weekend. I hope to end this weekend on a high note”, he added.

The practise sessions went relatively well without any interruption. Both drivers are targeting to qualify for the Super Pole tomorrow. Fauzy and Pentus will start in Group B & A respectively in the qualifying sessions.

The team currently lies third in the team championship standings and looks forward to strengthen its position.

Race schedule (local time):

Saturday, 02 May

Qualifying (Group B) 09:30 – 09:50

Qualifying (Group A) 09:55 – 10:15

Qualifying (Super Pole) 11:20 – 11:35

Race 1 (44’ + 1 lap) 14:10

Sunday, 03 May

Race 2 (44’ + 1 lap) 13:48



mfm_barcelona_19042009BARCELONA, Circuit De Catalunya, 19 April 2009 – Rain disrupted Race 2 in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series. The wet and windy conditions in the Catalan province clearly reminisce of the torturous environment at Shanghai GP today.

Fairuz kept a solid form throughout the race with his maturity display on a track slipperier than a skating ring. His early pit stop was proven to be fruitful as he was gunning for the top 5 until the sky darkened menacingly and the first drops of rain began to fall. Unfortunately, he has to pit in second time for wet tyres, which pushed him down the field.

Fairuz drove flawlessly to claw back up to 5th position before the red flag came out on the final lap where the result was only decided on the lap prior to the red flag. He finished 7th.

Team Principal, Haji Mohamed Fauzy: “It is a terrific result. The drivers showed a lot of courage driving in the difficult condition. I could not have asked for more.”

“We are 3rd in the team championship standings. Credits should be given to the team,” he added. 

Meanwhile, MOFAZ FORTEC rookie driver, Sten Pentus made the right strategic choice by holding out as long as possible before the tyre change. He kept his composure in the slippery track through an impressive display from 19th to 2nd position. This is his first podium finished in his maiden season. He also took home the rookie trophy.

The race was interrupted by the red flag when Frankie Provenzano (ITA – Prema Powerteam) went off on the start-finish straight on the final lap. Marcos Martinez ran his luck to pull off the prefect performance of the weekend, with his second win on the trot, ahead of Sten and Chris Van der Drift (NZL – Epsilon Euskadi).

The race season will continue at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium in a fortnight (2-3 May 2009). Sten is now on 13 points (4th) ahead of Fairuz on 7 (10th) in the drivers’ championship table.


BARCELONA, Circuit De Catalunya, 18 April 2009 – MOFAZ FORTEC MOTORSPORT made an impressive debut at Circuit De Catalunya today with Fairuz Fauzy finishing 8th in Race 1.

Race 1 seemed to be a clean affair as all drivers safely passed through Turn 1 without any incident. Fairuz dropped to 10th place at the start but managed to put on a string of quick laps to overtake Marco Barba (ESP – International Draco Racing) on lap 3 before getting past Daniil Move (RUS – P1 Motorsport) on lap 8. Marcos Martinez (ESP – Pons Racing) grabbed the winner with a total time of 47:05.443. The fastest lap went to Miguel Molina (ESP – Ultimate Motorsport) with a lap of 1:35.751.

Fairuz said: “The car was awesome during the race and my lap times were consistent but it was not easy to overtake on this circuit.”

“It is important to start the championship with three points in the bag. Hopefully, there is more to come in Race 2 tomorrow,” he added.

Meanwhile, it was not a day to remember for MOFAZ FORTEC rookie driver, Sten Pentus. He moved up few places after coming out of the first turn. It looks promising for the young Estonian until he was involved in the collision with cars in the mid-field, which unfortunately damaged his front wing. As a results, Sten had to pit in for a new front wing and finished 18th. He will be looking to bounce back in tomorrow’s race.

Race 2 includes a mandatory pit stop, which will provide extra excitement and allow the team to play a more strategic role in the race.

Race schedule (local time):

Sunday, 19 April
Race 2 (44’ + 1 lap) 13:03