Mofaz Racing

19 years of involvement in motorsports has enabled The MOFAZ Group to take a giant step in global motorsport through the acquisition of Fortec, a leading motorsport company in UK.

Fortec is no stranger to the world of single-seater race machines, having produced champions at all levels including ex-Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya of Colombia and current F1 Finnish sensation Heikki Kovalainen, who is the partner to reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton at McLaren.

Through this acquisition, the emergence of MOFAZ Racing (formerly known as Mofazfortec Motorsport) carries forward a wealth of experience, expertise and exposure into its continued participation in the World Series by Renault Formula 3.5. This investment has made MOFAZ Motorsport the first Asian company outside of Europe to own a competitive racing team in the World Series championship.

The team is located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and operates from a 6000 square-foot factory comprising of workshop space with bays for ten race cars, fabrication rooms, and stores. The facility also houses an engineers’ office, administration offices, and conference room. The team also operates a range of support vehicles which attend tests and races, including three articulated race-transporters and two rigid transporters. The team headquarters was moved from United Kingdom to Kuala Lumpur in 2009.

MOFAZ Racing’s participation in the World Series provides an opportunity for other organizations to launch or mount their product  or brand promotion campaign, as an alternative or additional medium to conventional trade expositions. Next to F1, World Series is covered extensively in the European and Western market. The event is held between the months of April and October annually.

MOFAZ is seizing the opportunity created by its participation in the World Series to promote products, services and brands, at all World Series venues. It is an opportunity ONLY accorded to team owners and sponsors.

Effective (Cost & Reach) alternative medium to promote products, services and brands since apart from visiting spectators the event is telecast (live and recorded) worldwide and extensive coverage by the print media.

The participation of MOFAZ Racing in this world-class motorsport event offers opportunities for other entities to go global together.

Key personnel

Team Principal: Haji Mohamed Fauzy Abdul Hamid
Director – Finance & General Affairs: Ferhan Fauzy
Technical Director & Chief Engineer:  Alex Somerset
Team Manager: Peter Crolla
Chief Mechanic: Jamie Dye
Race Engineer: Stuart King
Data Engineer: Lee Giles
Mechanic I (Car no 19): Mark Bennett
Mechanic II (Car no 19): George Lancaster
Mechanic I (Car no 20): Olivier Cauchy
Mechanic II (Car no 20): Ricky Castell
Truck Driver & Logistic (Race unit):  Steve Jones
Truck Driver & Logistic (Hospitality unit): Tim Andrews
Office Administrator: Rebecca Perrins
Driver Instructor: Fairuz Fauzy
Coordinator: Jon Beale
Media Contact: Adit Rahim

Drivers Profile