Fairuz emerges 2nd in the Championship, the highest accolade a Malaysian has achieved in the motorsport world

Fairuz emerges 2nd in the Championship, the highest accolade a Malaysian has achieved in the motorsport world

Malaysian’ Fairuz Fauzy, driving for MOFAZ Racing, came roaring with determination to the Motorland Aragon circuit in Spain this morning to battle it out in Race 2, the final and determining race for the season, where the top 3 drivers of the championship will be crowned the best of the best.

After securing pole position yesterday, Fairuz faced several technical glitches on his car during Race 1, and was forced to concede several positions to appear 10th at one point. However, Fairuz bounced back and gave the other drivers the challenge they were waiting for, and finished 6th on Saturday. The minor setback only fuelled further drive in Fairuz, and he took the opportunity to relax and reflect last night to prepare for Sunday’s Penultimate Race, Race 2.

Starting from Pole Position in Race 2, Fairuz led the entourage of drivers for several laps, before deciding to undertake an early pitstop. Bertrand Baguette from International Draco Racing took the opportunity to gain some ground, coming fast behind Fairuz before making a very fast pitstop, which led to Fairuz having to concede his pole position to Baguette, after losing some time coming out of a chicane.

The next few laps saw Fairuz closing in at several sectors, but Baguette’s car proved to be better handling than expected, which allowed him to better his time over the last few laps. Fairuz however managed to think fast and adjusted to the challenges he faced from his own car, and took the opportunity to better his lap times in the last 4 laps. Nevertheless, Baguette managed to put some precious seconds between himself and Fairuz, and claimed the championship in Race 2. All is not lost however, as Fairuz outperformed the other contenders he had going up against him in the running for 2nd placing in the overall drivers’ championship, registering 98 championship points to emerge No. 2 in the World Series by Renault 2009 Championship.

Motorland_PCThe whole MOFAZ Racing team cheered the loudest during the podium ceremony, proudly waving the Malaysian flag. During the press conference after the podium ceremony, Fairuz was quoted as saying,”My utmost gratitude to God, for allowing me the opportunity to get this far in life, and also to my family, who have been the pillar of strength and support throughout the 20 years of challenges to get here, and also the whole MOFAZ Group for believing in me, and always being there for me through thick and thin. I dedicate this achievement to all Malaysians and to all my fans from around the world”.

MOFAZ Racing will be in Spain over the next two weeks to conduct winter testing, and also to test potential and up & coming drivers from several championships, under the strict but motivating guidance of Fairuz Fauzy.



1. Bertrand Baguette Draco 46mins 28.831secs
2. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec +3.224secs
3. Daniil Move P1 +14.478secs
4. Esteban Guerrieri RC +20.971secs
5. Oliver Turvey Carlin +22.478secs
6. Marco Barba Draco +23.006secs
7. Federico Leo Pons +24.301secs
8. Chris Van der Drift Epsilon Euskadi +24.681secs
9. James Walker P1 +29.526secs
10. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec +31.862secs

11. Charles Pic Tech 1 +40.308secs
12. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin +40.395secs
13. Marcos Martinez Pons +53.161secs
14. Greg Mansell Comtec +53.425secs
15. Filip Salaquarda Prema +56.497secs
16. Brendon Hartley Tech 1 +1min 02.432secs
17. Mihai Marinescu Interwetten +1min 03.156secs
18. Guillaume Moreau KMP/SG Formula +1min 03.490secs
19. Bruno Mendez RC +1min 14.899secs
20. Jon Lancaster Comtec +1min 23.963secs
21. Kaisuke Kunimoto Epsilon Euskadi +1 lap

Not Classified

22. Omar Julian Leal Prema 23 laps completed
23. Salvador Duran Interwetten 21 laps completed
24. Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula 9 laps completed


1. Bertrand Baguette Draco 46mins 17.280secs
2. Oliver Turvey Carlin +1.634secs *
3. Jon Lancaster Comtec +7.750secs
4. Daniil Move P1 +8.482secs
5. Esteban Guerrieri RC +11.241secs
6. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec +20.396secs
7. Federico Leo Pons +23.739secs
8. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin +25.319secs
9. Chris Van der Drift Epsilon Euskadi +25.689secs
10. Greg Mansell Comtec +25.993secs

11. Marcos Martinez Pons +31.776secs
12. Filip Salaquarda Prema +32.454secs
13. Charles Pic Tech 1 +36.395secs
14. Marco Barba Draco +36.592secs
15. Brendon Hartley Tech 1 +39.573secs
16. Salvador Duran Interwetten +44.120secs
17. Kaisuke Kunimoto Epsilon Euskadi +44.356secs
18. James Walker P1 +44.645secs
19. Guillaume Moreau KMP/SG Formula +50.349secs
20. Mihai Marinescu Interwetten +51.489secs
21. Omar Julian Leal Prema +57.069secs

Not Classified

22. Bruno Mendez RC 16 laps completed
23. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec 0 laps completed
24. Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula 0 laps completed


Motorland_QualifyingThe gloomy weather over the past few days brought out forecasts of rain throughout the whole weekend in usually-sunny Spain, but the sun finally came out to play this glorious Saturday morning, shining its beautiful rays down on the beautiful brand new track of Motorland Aragon, where the Final Round of the World Series by Renault 2009 will take place over the weekend.

MOFAZ Racing’s Fairuz Fauzy begun his birthday celebrations on a great note today by claiming pole position; the last for this season, and a first for him. Still on course for second place in the championship, the Malaysian driver leads Epsilon Euskadi’s Chris Van der Drift and Comtec Racing’s Jon Lancaster. In order to really celebrate, Fauzy will be dreaming of a win this weekend.

When interviewed after the qualifying and the SuperPole sessions, Fairuz was quoted as saying,”This is a truly blessed and joyous celebration. Gaining pole position is the best birthday present I could get for myself, but I couldn’t have done it without the support and great form that my whole team has displayed not only since we got here, but throughout the whole season. We’re looking forward and striving diligently to finish second in the championship, and to do just that, we’re focusing on podium finishes throughout the weekend, in particular a win on Sunday!”

During the Group A qualifying sessions in the morning, Fairuz saw Bertrand Baguette taking control from the start. However, James Walker managed to up his ante and bested Baguette’s time to take the lead away, and emerged the fastest during the session. Fairuz paced himself to make his tyres last longer and recorded an overall commendable time at the end of the session, a fraction of a second behind Walker, to also qualify for Superpole.

Twelve drivers battled it out over 15 blazingly hot minutes during the Superpole. Marcos Martinez set the first provisional pole, before being ousted by Baguette. Jaime Alguersuari then claimed the lead position by recording a lap time of 1’44”314, but was disappointed by Fairuz who went on to set the circuit’s best lap with a time of 1’44”070.

Stay tuned for further updates on Fairuz’s quest to claim glory this weekend at Motorland Aragon, with a live telecast of Race 1 broadcasted out via Eurosport (Astro Channel 814) at 2100hrs Malaysian time. Race 2 of the World Series by Renault Finale at Motorland Aragon will be broadcasted recorded via Eurosport on Monday, 26th October 2009 at 10.30 a.m. Here’s wishing all Malaysians, especially motorsport fans, a great weekend ahead from MOFAZ Racing in Spain!


Fairuz did very well this morning at Qualifying, and got himself a ticket into Superpole. By the grace of God and his determination and focus, Fairuz come out first at Superpole just a few minutes ago, recording the fastest lap time record of 1′44.070, 0.149 seconds faster than anyone else, indeed the best birthday gift he could get for himself on his birthday today! Blazing the track with the colours of MOFAZ Racing blazing prominently, Fairuz will be starting from 8th position today in Race 1 based on the reverse grid procedure, and Pole Position 1 tomorrow for Race 2. Stay tuned for more updates!

1. Fairuz Fauzy Mofaz Fortec 1min 44.070secs
2. Chris Van der Drift Epsilon Euskadi 1min 44.219secs
3. Jon Lancaster Comtec 1min 44.267secs
4. Bertrand Baguette Draco 1min 44.302secs
5. Jaime Alguersuari Carlin 1min 44.314secs
6. Daniil Move P1 1min 44.476secs
7. Federico Leo Pons 1min 44.488secs
8. Oliver Turvey Carlin 1min 44.491secs *
9. James Walker P1 1min 44.528secs
10. Greg Mansell Comtec 1min 44.814secs
11. Marcos Martinez Pons 1min 44.975secs
12. Brendon Hartley Tech 1 No Time

13. Sten Pentus Mofaz Fortec 1min 44.614secs
14. Guillaume Moreau KMP/SG Formula 1min 45.074secs
15. Esteban Guerrieri RC 1min 44.701secs
16. Marco Barba Draco 1min 45.158secs
17. Filip Salaquarda Prema 1min 45.637secs
18. Anton Nebylitskiy KMP/SG Formula 1min 45.238secs
19. Omar Julian Leal Prema 1min 45.649secs
20. Charles Pic Tech 1 1min 45.324secs
21. Kaisuke Kunimoto Epsilon Euskadi 1min 45.659secs
22. Salvador Duran Interwetten 1min 45.163secs
23. Mihai Marinescu Interwetten 1min 46.413secs
24. Bruno Mendez RC 1min 46.938secs

[* Pole position for reverse grid sprint race; positions alternate between Q groups B & A]


MOFAZ_08MOFAZ Racing (formerly known as MOFAZFortec Motorsport) embarks on a new circuit this weekend, the Motorland Aragon in Alcaniz, Spain, at the final race meeting for the World Series by Renault 2009 Championship. It will be the first time out on the brand new track for all the drivers competing in the championship, but the fact does not perturb the dynamic duo of Fairuz Fauzy and Sten Pentus, who have just completed the collective tests for the race weekend as this release goes out to the presses. MOFAZ Racing is currently 5th in the running for the Team Title Championship, while Fairuz Fauzy looks set to give his compatriots a tough battle out on the tracks as he looks ahead at the top 3 positions in the Drivers Championship.

This weekend also marks the international inauguration of the Motorland Aragon Circuit, and the Circuit’s management has promised a fun-filled weekend, and indeed a special surprise at the final dinner (a world –renowned Spanish singer!). Designed by F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa and famous German designer Hermann Tilke, the circuit poses the biggest and most technical challenge for all the drivers out on the Formula 3.5 grid this weekend. 7.6 gruelling kilometres per lap, 18 intriguing corners with one posing a 180˚ angle turn, this high speed circuit also boasts a height difference of 50 metres between its highest and lowest points.

MOFAZ_05The Final Round of the World Series by Renault 2009 will see a clash of the titans, as the honorary title of runner-up is equally hotly contested. With mere points separating the top 5 drivers, Fairuz Fauzy, Charles Pic, Brendon Hartley, James Walker, Jaime Alguersuari, Oliver Turvey and Marcos Martinez seems ideally placed to claim second-place.

The last two races of the season will see all the drivers battling it out, followed by the official World Series by Renault prize-giving ceremony. The teams however will remain at the circuit for three days of collective testing from October 27-29, 2009. In addition to the stars of the various Formula Renault 2.0 championships invited by Renault Sport Technologies to discover Formula Renault 3.5, the teams will be able to test their new drivers for the 2010 season, and MOFAZ Racing looks set to shine further next year in 2010 with some exciting development underway that will be announced in due time. Stay tuned!


Malaysia’s F1 Aspirant Stuns Competitors by Achieving Success in both Races over the weekend

podium-race-1-1-1024x680Nurburgring, Germany: The MOFAZFortec Motorsport Team’s did not let the bleak and cold weather in Nurburgring hamper their tremendous spirit over the weekend, as they soldier on to compete in Round 8 of the World Series by Renault Formula 3.5 faced with the challenge posed by the technicalities of the historical circuit which has seen many F1 races triumphantly held over the years.

The weekend begun with the Qualifying sessions, which saw the team’s Malaysian driver, Fairuz Fauzy blazing the track in Group A, taking the top spot with a lap of 1’ 45” 598, battling it out head to head with championship leader, Bertrand Baguette from International Draco Racing and regular contender Comtec Racing’s Jon Lancaster. Both Fairuz and his teammate, Sten Pentus, showed their best performance and qualified for the SuperPole line up.

The Superpole session saw Fairuz giving Charles Pic, Brendon Hartley and Oliver Turvey a run for their money, but luck sided with Hartley who claimed his first pole position in the championship.

Race 1 saw Fairuz Fauzy using his radical skills to pressure the other drivers in front of him whilst maintaining his tyres to last the whole session consistently. Starting from 5th position based on the reverse-grid procedure, Fairuz strategised by sticking close to the pole leaders bumper to bumper for the first 5 laps without making any sudden moves.

However, by lap 9, Fairuz cunningly overtook Jaime Alguersuari, who is also currently driving for the Formula 1 Team Toro Rosso, and in turn, took the opportunity to sprint pass Oliver Turvey, while putting more pressure on Daniil Move and Jon Lancaster in front of him.

On lap 17, Fairuz drove brilliantly and snatched third position from Daniil Move. In the end, Jon Lancaster also succumbed to the pressure, and Fairuz went all out to claim second place. Fairuz was quoted as saying that though the month and a-half break the drivers had after Portimao certainly made most of them rusty in many ways, he managed to make a good comeback after being forced down to 9th position at one point.

Sunday saw all the drivers raring to go and all revved up to undertake the gruelling task ahead of them, with 44 minutes plus 1 lap of adrenaline-filled racing waiting. Fairuz was the first to enter the pit for his mandatory stop, taking advantage of fresh tyres earlier on in the race to better manage tyre longevity and performance as a defensive strategy undertaken by the MOFAZFortec Motorsport Team.

Lap after lap of battling it out and bearing constant pressure on other contenders paid off for Fairuz, when in the last laps he secured third position and held on to it fiercely to end with a double podium finish for the weekend.

When interviewed, Fairuz was quoted as saying,”Alhamdulillah, I am thankful for the blessings that the team and I have received on this glorious day of Aidilfitri. I must say that having such a strong support network, especially with AirAsia coming on board as our official airline, has helped boost the overall confidence and motivation for every member of the team”.

It was definitely a rewarding week for the MOFAZFortec Motorsport Team, who rallied through a successful campaign through the 3 gruelling days, and indeed a challenging week as well for Fairuz Fauzy, what with all the rampant rumours spreading around on the internet promulgating his candidacy for Formula 1 for the 2010 season, and giving his all to achieve another global victory for Malaysia.

Team MOFAZFortec Motorsport will be back in action on the 23rd – 25th of October 2009, when they battle it out to secure the top 3 positions within the World Series by Renault 2009 Finals at Motorland Aragon, Spain.

With the great performance in Nurburgring, MOFAZFortec is now 5th in the overall team championship, and Fairuz Fauzy has also claimed 5th overall in the drivers’ championship.